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GYPO Style Challenge

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When I was first introduced to the Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge I was intrigued.

Let’s just say I’m fashion challenged, and that’s putting it nicely.  I tend to shop clearance racks looking for good deals, and buy only neutral (read denim) bottoms so I can wear any top with them.  This results in me never really feeling like I look “put together” and struggling regularly with what to wear on days I’m leaving the house.

I purchased an “old” challenge to start because I was unsure about how this would work for me.  It was less expensive and after talking with a few friends who were using the challenges I felt it was at least worth a try!

I am so glad that I took this risk!  Though it started out a little stressful because I only had 1 item in my closet that I could use for the challenge I purchased,  I started slowly and added some inexpensive pieces to my wardrobe.  I found several things at Target and used a 40% off all Merona items Cartwheel coupon to make it affordable.  I picked up a couple of things at Old Navy, as well.

Most importantly, I have been so pleased with the results.  I now have some put together outfits that I can confidently put on without spending too much time agonizing over what to wear.  I can purge things from my closet that don’t really fit right or that I don’t love because I finally have some clothes that I do love!

GYPO Summer Style Challenge

I’m so glad that I splurged on the GYPO Style Challenge and I think you will be, too!  The Summer 2016 Challenge is open now!  Go, check it out!


If you are like me and want a smaller upfront investment, I can highly recommend the Summer 2015 Style Challenge, which is $20 less than the current one.  Go to the GYPO site and click on “Other Challenges” to learn more.