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Nothing is impossible!

Essie swing

Fibular hemimelia does not stop her from anything she wants to do!


Riding a Bike

Essie was very insistent that she wanted a pink Hello Kitty Bike for Christmas.  She even sat in Santa’s lap to tell him!

And of course, he delivered.

But it was up to mom and dad to help her learn to ride it.  It actually only took her a few practice sessions to get the pedaling down.  I was concerned that it might be too difficult since she wears a prosthetic.  I’m not sure I could get the motion of pedaling down so quickly with a prosthetic leg!

Riding a bike

Riding a bike

Steering on the other hand…..well, we’re still working on that skill 🙂

Summer Fun Day #27

After we stopped by Clay Library, we spent a little time on the playground next door.

There is a HUGE mound of dirt behind all the playground equipment so that is, of course, where the boys headed!

It was a hot day so we didn’t stay long.
But fun to traipse all over a mound of dirt!

Summer Fun Day #23

This afternoon the older boys went to a library program called Zombie Apocalypse Survival Skills.  I thought it was kind of odd but I let them go.  It was a little about Zombies and lot of survival.  Wish I could have stayed to listen, but that topic just doesn’t hold any interest for 4 and 8 year olds!  So we headed to Publix.  Free cookies = happy kids. 
Turns out that Noah would be very likely to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, or at least the most likely out of the other kids in attendance today, based on a quiz the speaker gave them all at the beginning.  For this awesome skill set, he won a survival backpack complete with first aid kit and some other goodies!
After dinner Essie asked “Wo-ah” to swing her!  So cute!

I think she likes that he pushes her so high!
Essie and I also attended a baby shower tonight, Essie’s first.  I had to change my clothes and she wanted to change hers, too.  So we got dressed up and fixed up and Noah took a picture for us.  Couldn’t get her to smile, but the dress is awfully cute – Thanks Mrs. Diane!
A friend who takes awesome pics was at the baby shower and took one of us so I’m hoping she’ll share it with me – if she does I’ll update this post!

Later tonight she was talking to Tony and he asked her how was the baby shower and she said,

“I eat cake.”

Her first unprompted sentence!

Excitement would be an understatement for my reaction!

Thank you, Jesus, for how far she has come.

Adoption Rocks


Mommy Madness

Today I spent the morning researching a new computer for the kids AGAIN.  We had purchased a refurbished one through Best Buy which just decided to turn off sometimes for no reason.  Thankfully we were still in the 15 day guarantee so I returned it.
The kids played while I was “chatting online” with a Dell rep, because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to chat on the phone with four kids running around and calling for me to do this or help with something.  I can read even when the house is loud, but I usually can’t hear a full sentence on the phone!
At some point they decided to swim so I was trying to help Essie into her suit and put her new sleeve over her prosthetic while online chatting with “Conrad V.” 

Getting that sleeve on is tough and I was wrestling and tugging and the rep several times typed, “are you still there?”  I suppose I wasn’t responding to him quickly enough.  I wanted to tell him to get in line, but….

Finally I got her ready and Noah was helping her into the pool.  I completed the process to get my quote and disconnected right about the time Essie was coming in needing to potty and wanting to get dressed.  So as I was taking her suit off, water flooded out of her prosthetic. 

Obviously, I did not get that sleeve on correctly.  Sigh.  Luckily water won’t hurt it, but I bet it was dragging her down while she was swimming! 

Summer Fun Day #15

Today Essie took her bubbles from the library and went up in the fort to blow them.  
This is significant for her.
 Just 15 months ago this child couldn’t have held the bubbles or walked to the fort.  She spent her days in a crib, alone.
In the last 15 months she has endured many changes including moving to a new country with virtual strangers, a major surgery, learning to walk with a prosthetic leg.  She has also learned to play with toys, eat, crawl, walk, talk, and make decisions. 
Like this one. 
She took her bubbles and headed over to the fort without me suggesting it. 
She climbed up carefully, holding an open bottle of bottles without spilling them, and then sat down to enjoy them.

Something that I wouldn’t even have noticed with the boys because they grew up with the security of a home, food and parents to love and protect them and encourage them to think and explore. 
This is what the love of a family can do for a child! 
We are not perfect – far from it! But love works miracles and Essie is a testament to that and to our God, who is ever faithful!
 Also, today our local donut chain stores were giving away free donuts to celebrate National Donut day today.  Since we’ve moved out “in the country” it would take an hour for the round trip to get a few free donuts.  So I decided to make some instead.
I’ve made donuts lots of times and even have this cute donut pan. 
Unfortunately, I decided to try a new recipe…

and it was a total flop!

They tasted good, though more like muffins and they just wouldn’t come out of the pan!  We topped them with homemade icing which was made for the upcoming birthday cakes and ate them anyway!