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Bathroom Tile

Back in August Tony and his dad put in a bathtub in our master bathroom since when we moved in we didn’t have one and well, this girl just really likes to soak in the tub…. especially in the winter.

Due to indecision on my part it took us a while to select a tile for the backsplash and then we were super busy with kids and holidays to get it installed.  But Tony finally had a day free to work on it.  He put Noah to work with him and they got it done!

DIY Tile

DIY Tile


I love it and I think it looks great!


Bathroom Shelves

We have been slowly painting and working on projects since buying this house in April.  Our current focus is on the master bathroom.  The current vanity is only a single sink with cabinet with the remaining space left open.

DIY bathroom shelves

I don’t really need a space to sit to get ready each day and what we really need was more storage than these two tiny drawers and one cabinet can supply, so I added the ugly plastic drawers as a temporary solution.   So I decided the space over our toilet would be the perfect place to put up some shelves. Continue reading

Homemade Bug Repellant Dog Collar

We have never had trouble with our dog and ticks until we moved to the country.  During June we were regularly finding a tick a sweet Shakey every few days.  I researched to find out some oils that might be helpful in warding off ticks and bugs.

Orange, Citronella, Cedarwood, Clove (not in the picture), Purification, Lavender all appeared to be good choices for various bugs. Continue reading


Noah’s Bible lost it’s cover.  We discussed perhaps he would like a new one for his birthday and we even went to look at Lifeway. 
He has really enjoyed his study Bible other than the cover being torn off….
which led to this little bit of creativity:
Duct tape and cardboard from an amazon box!

Egress Window

Noah and Eli are sharing a basement bedroom in our new home.  It’s a good size room with 2 closets BUT no fire escape so we decided to add an egress window to provide a way for them to escape in the event of a fire.
The boys also don’t like the color of the room so we will be changing that as well.
Here is a before picture.
The stairs on our deck had to be moved to allow for the hole outside to be dug.

This process made a BIG, HUGE mess all over our house.  There was dust everywhere.  It took several days for the guys to cut the hole.  The concrete blocks are filled with poured concrete making the work much harder. 

This picture was taken above the hole while the guys were in the room cutting.  You can see the dust and imagine it 10 times worse in the room!
After they were done we had a huge clean up job and we had to finished off the sheetrock and paint.

We paid to have the hole dug, stairs moved, window cut and installed, sheetrock hung.  Tony did the finish work and painted the color the boys selected.

I think it turned out nicely. 
Now to move the boys back in and purchase them some furniture!

Flannel Board

I’ve been using Pinterest quite a bit to get ideas for Zeke and Essie for school.  I kept seeing cute flannel board ideas and I decided to give it a try!

So I purchased some flannel and a project board, gathered my scissors and glue gun and set to work.

I did this in the hallway outside of the bathroom while Essie played in the tub!

I trimmed the flannel to slightly larger than the size of my board.

 I folded over the edges and hot glued them into place.

For the blue side I cut the flannel to a slightly smaller size than the board and covered the glue edges of the white.
I finished it off with some ribbon that I found in my craft stuff to give it a more finished look.

So the board is made and I needed some figures to put on it.  I cheated for my first attempt and purchased printed t-shirt transfer iron-on sheets.  On these I printed the characters from Daniel Tiger, then ironed them on to the flannel. 

I’ll just say, Essie LOVED them! Especially Trolley!

Out with the Old……

We’ve been in this house for 12 years.  The carpet is not in good shape.  It was time to replace it.  We’ve wanted to do this several times but being the tightwads we are, we just kept putting it off.  But finally it was time.  We didn’t do a great job of getting some before pictures but here are a few:


And some “in progress” working pictures.


Granna spent a lot of time with Little Mama trying to keep her occupied so I could help with the work.


This hallway was a booger.  A threshold to the kitchen, doorway to a closet, doorway to the powder room and stairs to go around.  Poor Poppa literally spent all day on this hallway. Tony and I put down the entire dining room (aka school room) while he had to make dozens of special cuts for this hallway. 


So happy with the finished product!

And I love our closet – it looks so much better!

I haven’t gotten our room totally cleaned up…there is still a bookshelf that needs to be moved so there are books everywhere, but it looks great, too!

However, if you are thinking of doing this on your own, it is a LOT of work.  You need special tools and it makes a big mess.  Doing 3 rooms and the hallway took us all of 3 days and we started some prep work, like removing tile and carpet beforehand. 

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