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Book Making Tips and Resources

I have been making books with my daughter this school year.  You can read one post about that here.  Today I will be doing a periscope about some of our books and wanted to provide these links.  You can follow me on Periscope – @chantellegrubbs and catch my replays at

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Counting Fun

When I saw this container I knew there just had to be something fun I could do with it.

Cupcake container counting

I used a punch like this one


to make circles and then I numbered them.

Counting Tray

Then I worked with Essie to put the correct number of fuzzy balls into the holes.

Counting Fun

Counting Fun!

You could also use this tray to sort things by color or as a mixing color experiment.  It could additionally be used by a child outside to collect things on a nature walk!

Easter Fun

DSC_0287 DSC_0289 DSC_0290 DSC_0291

I came up with some fun games for Zeke with eggs and we used crayons to decorate our still warm boiled eggs this year.  It worked really well!

Eggs hunts and family fun:





Easter 2015

Our family photo!  Probably the last one with only 6 of us!

Advent Activities with Multiple Ages

One difficulty with having children of multiple ages is finding a way to do things at their level but still together.  Not every thing I can do can be the most meaningful thing for each age but when it comes to advent I want to be sure that each child is learning and feeling the true meaning of Christmas.  I also really enjoy the crafts and activities of the preschool years and I don’t want Essie to miss out on that since it is crucial for developing skills like coloring, correctly using scissors and learning to be creative.

So this year I purchase Truth in the Tinsel online to use mainly with Essie but also for Zeke, when interested.  While I know we will not have time to do every activity and each reading, we will do as many as we can fit in.  Then we all participate in our Morning Time Advent reading, which for this year I got from Ministry Mom.  In the evening we are reading Jotham’s Journey for the second time.

Here are a few pictures from our Truth in the Tinsel activities so far.

P1060865 P1060866

P1060886 P1060891



Fun Fall Crafts



Essie painted fall colors onto bubble wrap.


Then we pressed paper onto the bubble wrap.


We had some very beautiful prints.

Then we took the bubble wrap and I cut out a corn husk shape to make the bubble wrap look like harvest corn.  A fun project indeed.

Eli made some Frankenstein pudding snacks by coloring some vanilla pudding green, drawing faces on the cups and using crushed up Oreos for the hair.  Cute and yummy!

P1060796 P1060799