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2014 Booklist

I love to read!  However, homeschooling four children takes up a lot of time – planning, prepping, researching and teaching, so I don’t read as much as I’d like.  Much of my reading time is dedicated to the books I assign my children, as I prefer to read them on the same schedule.  Meaningful literature discussions are important to me and I know I best accomplish this if the material is fresh in my mind. This year I’m going to make every effort to notate why I’m reading each book.  It is just one more way to document what we are doing in our homeschool and to help me remember these special memories with them!

1. The Good Master – Kate Seredy {Eli Literature}

2. Titanic Crossing – Barbara Williams {Noah Literature}

3. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins {Noah wanted to read this series but I wanted to be able to discuss with him due to content.}

4. Girl on Fire – Suzanne Collins

5. The Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

6. The Singing Tree – Kate Seredy {Eli Literature}

7. Sergeant York and the Great War – Tom Skeyhill – {Read Aloud}

8. The Amazing Thinking Machine – Dennis Haseley – {Eli Literature}

9. The Impossible Journey – Gloria Whelan – {Noah Literature}

10. Where the Red Fern Grows – Wilson Rawls – {Read Aloud}
11. Number the Stars – Lois Lowry {Eli literature}
12. The Fault in our Stars – John Green
13.  Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank {Noah literature}
14. The Last Train {Eli literature}
15. Corrie Ten Boom: Keeper of the Angel’s Den {Read Aloud}
16. Brother Andrew {Read Aloud}
17. Ivan and the Informer {Read Aloud}
18. One Woman Farm – Jenna Woginrich


19. Brother Andrew, God’s Smuggler
20. Chick days – Jenna Woginrich


21. From a Distance – Tamera Alexander
22. Beyond the Moment – Tamera Alexander
23. The Core – Leigh Bortins

24. Within My Heart – Tamera Alexander

25. Teaching from Rest – Sarah Mackenzie

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace
26. Cold Antler Farm – Jenna Woginrich


27. A Series of Unfortunate Events; Bad Beginnings – Lemony Snicket {Read-Aloud}

28. Little Pear – Eleanor Lattimore {Read Aloud}

29. Blood on the River {Eli literature}

30. Cannons at Dawn {Read Aloud}

31. Teaching from Rest

32. Vietnam: I Pledge Allegiance – Chris Lynch {Eli literature}

33. Island of the Blue Dolphins {Eli literature}

Currently reading:

34. The Question – Leigh Bortins

35. Educating the Wholehearted Child – Clarkson

36. Jotham’s Journey {Advent} Arnold Ytreeide


2013 Booklist

1. My Side of the Mountain – Jean Craighead George
2. Chasing China – Kay Bratt
3. The Journeyman – Elizabeth Yates
4. Black Beauty – Anna Sewell
5. Train to Nowhere – Kay Bratt
6. Emotional Orphans – Cate Shepherd
7. Perilous Road
8. Adopted for Life
9. Chasing the Sun – Tracie Peterson
10. Prelude – BJ Hoff (American Anthem #1)
11.Cadence – BJ Hoff (American Anthem #2)
12. Jubilee – BJ Hoff (American Anthem #3)
13. Holes – Louis Sachar
14. The Road to Mercy – Kathy Harris
15. Daughter of the Loom – Peterson/Miller
16. A Fragile Design – Peterson/Miller
17. The Tangled Threads – Peterson/Miller
18. Charles & Emma
19. Kisses From Katie
20. Oliver Twist – Dickens
21. By the Great Horn Spoon
22.  Bound for Oregon!
23. Shanghaied to China – Dave Jackson
24. Hittite Warrior – Joanne Williamson
25. Drummer Boy’s Battle –
26. Rebel’s of the Heavenly Kingdom
27. Courage to Run
28. Black Storm Comin’
29. Riders of the Pony Express- Ralph Moody
30. Candle in the Darkness – Lynn Austin
31. Fire by Night – Lynn Austin
32. “The Man Without a Country”
33. The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P Figg
34. Fire Girl
35. Across Five Aprils
36. Iron Thunder – Avi
37. Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage – Kay Bratt
38. War Brides – Helen Bryan
39. Born in the Year of Courage – Emily Crofford
40. Fire By Night – Lynn Austin
41. Hudson Taylor – Deep in the Heart of China
42. A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle


One of my goals for 2012 was to read 52 books in 52 weeks. 
I am proud (and a little shocked) that I accomplished this goal!  You can check out this post to see the books I read.
I did count some of the books that I read with the kids as read alouds, but only if they were at least a high school reading level.  I read a wide variety of non-fiction, historical fiction, Christian historical fiction, a few classics. 
This challenge helped me to rekindle my love of reading the classics and historical Christian fiction.  I’ve been so busy the past 2.5 years with the demands of homeschooling that I had lost that passion. 
There are lots of changes coming for our family in the next few months so I’m not setting a challenge to read 52 books this year.  But I do plan to keep reading!  Hopefully this year I spend some of my time writing more reviews on the books I do read!

Books Read in 2012

1. Radical – David Platt  **My Review**
2. The Vikings – Elizabeth Janeway  **My Review**
3. Beorn the Proud – Madeleine A Polland
4. A Midsummer night’s Dream – Shakespeare
5. Ahab’s Wife – Sena Jeter Nasland
6. Books that Build Character – Kilpatrick/Wolfe
7. Shadow Spinner – Susan Fletcher (audio book) **My Review**
8. Adam of the Road – Elizabeth Janet Gray
9. The Mystery of the Roman Ransom – Henry Winterfeld
10. Raising Real Men – Hal and Melanie Young
11. The 17th Swap – McGraw
12. Barnheart – Woginrich
13. Unveiled: Tamar – Francine Rivers **My Review**
14: A Parcel of Patterns – Jill Walsh  **My Review**
15: Unashamed: Rahab – Francine Rivers
16. The House I Loved – Tatiana de Rosnay
17: Unshaken: Ruth – Francine Rivers
18. Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire – Esquith
19. The Connected Child – Karyn Purvis
20. Little Britches, Father and I were Ranchers – Ralph Moody **My Review**
21.  The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
22. Unspoken: Bathsheba – Francine Rivers
23. Deconstructing Penguins – Lawrence Goldstone, Nancy Goldstone
24. Shiloh –  Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (audio book)  **My Review**
25.  The Scarlett Letter – Hawthorne
26. Man of the Family – Ralph Moody
27.  The Coffin Quilt
28.   Almost Home by Wendy Lawton
29.  Courage and Conviction
30.  Get the Sugar Out
31. Jane Eyre
32. Message From an Unknown Chinese Mother – Xinran
33.  Blackthorn Winter (with The Giver)
34. Om-kas-toe
35. The Shakespeare Stealer
36. Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of the Lost Daugthers of China -Xinran
37. Choosing to See – Mary Beth Chapman
38. Mary Emma and Company – Ralph Moody
39. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch – Jean Lee Latam
40. Here Burns My Candle – Liz Curtis Higgs
41. Johnny Tremain  – Esther Forbes
42. Mine is the Night – Liz Curtis Higgs
43. Grace in Thine Eyes – Liz Curtis Higgs
44. Song of the Silent Harp – BJ Hoff
45. Heart of the Lonely Exile – BJ Hoff
46. Land of a Thousand Dreams – BJ Hoff
47. Songs on a Ancient Glory – BJ Hoff
48. To Love Anew – Bonnie Leon
49. Dawn of the Golden Promise – BJ Hoff
50. Tiny Titan
51. Daughter of a Thousand Gold Pieces
52. Bartholomew’s Passage – A family Advent Story – Arnold Ytreeide
53. Mercy Wins – Dale Anderson.