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Happy Birthday, Jonah!

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The year has passed quickly!  I can’t believe this little rascal is one!



Happy Birthday!

I have been having contractions for over a month and for the last few weeks I have experienced some periods of pretty regular contractions, especially at night. However, at around the one hour mark they always faded away.  This left me not sleeping much at night and really making no progress.

The plan was still for an induction on May 12.  However on Friday night my contractions seemed to be more steady than usual and I was recording them in my cool contraction app.  (In pregnancies past, I would write them down on paper and then have to watch the clock for the time! Boy, how times have changed!)  Tony went on to bed saying, “I know you aren’t going into labor because you’ve been doing this every night for a while.”  Well, I tried to lay down but continued to have contractions.  I walked, I laid down and they just kept coming.  They quickly went from 8-10 minutes apart to 3-5 minutes apart.  Around 2 am I told Tony I was getting in the shower to see if they would stop.  The intensity was increased and I felt certain this was it, but I never want to be the person who gets sent home with false labor!  They continued through my shower and at this point he was up and getting a little frantic.  We texted our parents to put them on standby and begin gathering up the things we wanted to take with us.  I decided we needed to go on so we woke Noah to let him know that we were leaving and that grandparents would be on their way as soon as we confirmed this was true labor.

We got in the car and headed out.  Tony was a little frantic because the contractions  were so close and might have driven a little too fast and might have gotten aggravated at every light that stopped us.  But we made it and the hospital staff confirmed that yes I was in labor but only 4 cm dilated.  It was 4 am when we arrived.  We let parents  know and they were all headed our way.


They got me set up in a room and started my IV.  Contractions were getting stronger and as soon as they got one bag of fluid in they called for the anesthesiologist for my epidural.  The doctor broke my water.  As often happens, contractions slowed a little so the Dr. on call ordered a small amount of Pitocin to keep them going.  It worked and very quickly it was time.  The staff nurses change at 7 and as soon as the new nurse came on she was setting up for delivery.  She confirmed we were almost ready.  About that time the doctor let her know that he had been called into an emergency C-section and they needed to have me wait.  I knew I couldn’t wait and my nurse did, too.  She finished getting everything set up and then we started pushing.  It didn’t take long and luckily he finished up his C-section and came straight to my room.

Jonah was born at 8:16 a.m., my quickest labor ever.  He was 8 pounds 5 ounces, 2o inches long.

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Luckily we had no major drama.  They did have a NICU nurse present because of meconium in the fluid but I got to hold him before she checked him out.


I was obviously pretty tired from getting no sleep all night, and very little for the last several weeks, but happy that he came on his own and that he was finally here.  I had almost instant relief from the back pain I’ve been experiencing for the last six weeks, as well!

Upon delivery the doctor showed us Jonah’s umbilical cord.  It was in a perfect knot. The doctor and nurses all said it was a miracle that this had not caused us any complications.


The kids were all excited to come in and hold him.

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Happy Birthday, Jonah William!  We are so glad you are here!


Happy 14th Birthday, Noah!

Happy 14th Birthday to the child who made me a mom!
8 years old

 11 years old

13 years old
It was a rainy day so we enjoyed popcorn and a movie in the afternoon and Jim ‘N Nicks Birthday dinner!
 Chocolate pie for dinner!

As the boys are getting older we are finding it more difficult to purchase gifts for them.  Tony decided that Noah might enjoy a small machete to use out in our woods.  
 I think Eli might be a little excited!

I can’t believe my oldest is 14.  The years are flying by and the time we have left with him before he leaves home seems to be dwindling fast. 
4 years
208 weeks
1461 days
That I’m sure will fly by!
Love you to the moon and back, Noah!

Happy 11th Birthday, Eli

 Eleven years ago, this baby boy joined our family!

 2 years old

7 years old

almost 11!

He is funny, passionate and loves to sing, as long as it’s only around family!

He got some headphones and a watch for his birthday.

And he wanted gummy bears!

We love you, Eli!

Happy 8th Birthday, Zeke

Eight years ago today this sweet baby boy entered our world. 

He is funny and passionate with a vocabulary of a much older kid!

He wanted his own chess set so we got him one.
We also went after lunch to let him try on and pick out some new roller blades.
We love you, Zeke!