Homeschooling Update

I have not done many homeschooling updates this school year.  Honestly, I am just so busy.  This year we added Classical Conversations to our curriculum and we are schooling 9th grade, 6th grade, 3rd grade and pre-k.  It’s. A. Lot.  Many days I’m at my wits end and we don’t even finish everything we need to do.  It has been a lot to adjust to, and now that we have a baby on the way, I’m even less sure about what in the world we will do next year.

The kids are loving Classical Conversations.  They enjoy the community day and I do, too.  I LOVE my little class of 1st and 2nd graders.  I didn’t realize how much I have missed being in a classroom with other kids besides my own.  We have a lot of fun each week and I enjoy every one of those precious children.

However, adding CC Challenge for the 9th grader has required a good bit of my time. Though I’m quite sure this would also be true with other high school curriculums, as well.  Noah is no longer doing any subjects with his siblings, which has been a big change for us. We still complete Morning Time (Bible, scripture memory, hymn study, poetry and Shakespeare) and a read aloud together each day, but really these aren’t subjects in the terms of work and grades.  That means I have to work with or at a minimum look over and grade all the subjects he is doing.  We generally work on Algebra I, Latin and Logic every day.  He is also working on debate topics and mock trial topics, in addition to science and writing which has to be reviewed and edited by me.


During Foundations community day the other 3 kids cover several topics including history, science, and art.  At home we practice our new grammar a few times a week, and complete additional learning on history and science.  At home we cover math, spelling, and grammar separately.  Eli is taking the CC Essentials class so his grammar, spelling and writing come from that program, but we still have to work on it every day.  This year with Zeke I’m really focusing on his reading and physical writing, since these are things he struggles with.  And I have to sit with him while he does every step of this work.

Here is a glimpse into our week:

Noah had his final presentation on his science fair project:

Noah science fair

Zeke has really enjoyed reading Germs this week.  We work on grammar and writing using either First Language Lessons or journal work.  He is also learning cursive.  We are back to using RightStart D for math.  I just wasn’t that happy with the monotony of Rod & Staff and it just wasn’t teaching the mental math skills and multiple topics like RightStart.

DSC_0137 DSC_0136 DSC_0142

I’m also having Zeke work on a poem all week.  We are reading the poem each day to help in fluency and then he his marking rhyming words, digraphs, or whatever phonics topic he is covering for the week.

Eli often shies away from the camera, so no pictures of him.  He works on Math Mammoth 6, Essentials spelling/grammar and IEW Writing daily.  He does some note taking, summarizing or outlining from our history studies and reviews the science info from CC. He is currently reading Only the Names Remain.  He is also working on his cursive.

Essie begs all day to do school!  She enjoys playdoh, painting and mischief making!

Essie playdoh Essie mitten match DSC_0135 DSC_0139 DSC_0141

This week we’ve been working on letter M so we matched mittens with uppercase/lowercase alphabet and read Jan Brett’s The Mitten.  She painted a mitten and I printed out pictures of the animals from the book for her to put in the mitten as we read the story.   We’ve also just started Handwriting Without Tears Pre-k book.  She loves the songs and we are just working on one page a day for right now.

So that’s a little glimpse into our week.  It sure doesn’t seem like a lot when I post it like this, but I promise you I go non-stop all day keeping everyone on task, teaching lessons, reviewing work, supervising and cleaning up snack eating/lunch making/chore completion, along with dinner preparation, laundry, etc.




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