Chicken Update

Feeding the Chickens

Feeding the Chickens

Zeke sometimes goes out to the coop to feed the chickens and gather the eggs.  He likes to feed a little at a time so they all cluster around him!


Our chickens don’t seem to mind the mud from all the rain we’ve had recently but we still felt the need to move their fence area so they had more dry ground.

We lost another one to a predator at the end of fall.  We now have 7 Barred Rocks, 3 Rhode Island reds and 2 Americaunas.  We are regularly getting 5 eggs, but some days we get 8.  It’s strange to me that’s is rarely 6 or 7, but either 5 or 8.  Do you think chickens succumb to peer pressure?  When one lays some of the others feel they must, too!  I believe one of the Rhode Island reds are laying because we are getting a smaller, but much darker egg regularly.

DSC_0126 DSC_0124

It’s hard to get pictures of chickens.  They don’t stay still for very long AND they want to peck the camera.


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