Teaching From Rest

I stumbled upon a great podcast called Read Aloud Revival while hanging out in our basement waiting for some bad weather to pass over.  This podcast features Andrew Pudewa and was put on by Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things. I have loved Andrew Pudewa’s humor ever since I met him at the beginning of my homeschooling journey.  This podcast was encouraging and inspiring {and not just for homeschoolers!}
So I signed up for Sarah’s free newsletter and begin reading her blog.  All her posts were inspirational and Christ pointed topics!
Then she released an ebook and I was truly baffled…. Teaching from Rest?  what does that mean and how can you teach from rest?  I’m never rested and always frantic and chaotic!  Doesn’t it take lots of work to homeschool children? 
This is the encouragement I have been needing!
Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace

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